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Established in 1976, KFR ENGINEERING WORKS (KFR), a small-scale engineering unit, installed a Batala make size 6 feet Lathe Machine, for machining jobs, in a tiny rented premises. Today, the Workshop, equipped with all requisite facilities, is housed in its own spacious premises.

Encouraged with the success gained within a short time of its inception, KFR added the Casting, Fabrication facilities for manufacture of Graded Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steels, Cast Iron, Bronze, Gunmetal, Brass and Aluminium Alloy Casting of most intricate and difficult nature involving a high degree of accuracy and fabrication of spare parts for imported equipments/machinery. Soon the Company gained a good name for import substitutions.

Quality Control and rigid inspection during each step of fabrication, coupled with high quality of workmanship make KFR the almost reliable and dependable fabricators for Chemical Industry, Fertilizer, Refinery and other.

The year 1982 marked the most important year for KFR. This was the year when they had successfully developed know-how/specification for repairing of damaged rotor (rotary piston) of imported screw compressor s, first time in the country. Chemical Industry in India had depend on Foreign Technician for repairing of rotors/compressors and/ or to import them for replacement at exorbitant prices. This not only results into outflow of foreign exchange but also loss of production and down time because of non-availability of these highly specialized services in the country so far.


A screw compressor comprises two rotors of different configuration which are rotating without any contact whatsoever in a closely fitting casing. Male rotor has convex, helical lobes and the female rotor concave, likewise helical flutes. Movement of both rotors is synchronized by a timing gear ensuring that there is always a certain clearance between lobes and flutes so that rotors do not come in contact with one another. There is thus no metallic contact whatsoever in the hole of the casing. This result in an absence of any wear and tear and makes lubrication superfluous. The material to be compressed is thus handled free from any oil. The direction of rotation of the screw compressor is such that the upper sides of the rotors arranged horizontally side by side run counter to each other.

Function of the screw compressor is essentially the same as that of a reciprocating compressor. That is to say, the screw compressor functions against any pressure prescribed by the network pressure or by a closed shut-off device, delivery a volume that is practically constant.

KFR has since been successfully undertaking complete repairing, overhauling, commissioning and trial run of any type imported screw compressors, screw pumps, gear pumps, lube oil pump and root blower once declared irreparable/scrap, and putting them back in continuous and trouble free operation once again, for our clients, at most economical cost and thus helped them to save on production loss and and avoid down time beside cutting down their import bill.

KFR is now pioneers in the field of repairing of rotors as also all type and make of imported screw compressor, screw pumps, gear pumps, lube oil pump and root blower in India and certainly has in mind to be always the best, in this field.

KFR also undertakes complete overhauling, assembly and commissioning job including replacement of its parts to make the idle/scrap compressors 100% fit for operation.

Similarly, KFR developed expertise to rectify the defects developed in the body of screw compressor by machining/re-grinding and re-shafting of shafts. The over size of body bore can also be re made in standard position, through are own developed lining/metalizing/grinding process, meeting the original specifications and performance.

With a view to provide high quality and timely services to clients, to exclusively dealing repairing/servicing of screw compressor, screw pumps, gear pumps, lube oil pump and root blower including development of indigenously spares.


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